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We introduced KITH Classics to display what we feel will be relevant for years to come. As time progresses and the seasons change, we have injected a few more pieces into the collection, such as the Furman Jacket. Now, with winter taking hold in New York, KITH sets to release perhaps its best kept secret in recent months - the KITH Classics x Golden Bear Long Varsity Jacket. 

The Long Varsity Jacket is simple in the best way possible - a staple silhouette in men's fashion, devoid of any external branding, with an extended hem. We hand selected each material used so the quality could match the design. Virgin wool is used for the body, which is able to retain its color for years on end due to its limited processing. The naturally pebbled texture of the lamba leather makes it incredibly soft yet durable. Lastly, the inside features a quilted poly lining which offers increased warmth, as well as a leather neck yoke with debossed "KITH"-branding. 

Due to the high demand for this item, we initially decided to keep them in-store and allow them to disappear quietly. However, we wanted to offer everyone a fair chance, so we saved an extremely limited run to make available online. 

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