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KITH moves to unchartered ground with the release of the KITH Football Equipment collection. Continuing to expand its diverse arsenal of products, KITH will embark on its first foray into electronics, partnering with technology giant Beats by Dre. KITH and Beats by Dre have collaborated on two very limited co-branded products – the KITH x Beats by Dre Studio and the KITH x Beats by Dre Pill 2.0.

On the exterior, the KITH x Beats by Dre Studio headphones are draped in a USA motif, featuring an asymmetrical colorblocking with red, white, blue, and gold components. White “KITH” branding is located on the left arm, while a “Just Us” hit is visible on the bridge. The internal design provides unmatched robust sound quality utilizing Adaptive Noise Cancellation technology. A 20-hour rechargeable battery ensures optimal usage, while the audio cable comes equipped with RemoteTalk™ for easy accessibility.

The KITH x Beats Pill 2.0 maintains the USA-themed agenda, dressed completely white with matte gold “Just Us” branding stretched across the speaker grille, and minimal red “KITH” branding on the center power strip. The lightweight wireless design accommodates portability, while the Bluetooth ability grants effortless use even at a distance of 30 feet. As always, the Beats by Dre device offers superb sound strength, regardless of its minuscule size.

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