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Fall 2018 Fabric Development Delivery 2

Kith Fabric Development Fall 2

The wool for Delivery 2 of Fall 2018 was custom-milled with a dress coat approach. The fabric is very substantial at 630 GSM and crafted from 100% wool. A twill weave technique is used to create a classic texture.

Our corduroy features a thick and sturdy weight that is still incredibly soft to the touch. To achieve this, we opted for a wider 8 wale to emphasize the fabrication. The 350 GSM 100% cotton was the perfect middle ground for ideal warmth in a casual sense.

The pants in this delivery were meant to bridge the gap between leisure and utility. This is why we opted for a lighter variation of Ventile fabric. This woven cotton fabric maintains the nuances of cotton twill, while offering superior durability and resistance to the elements.

Our fleece for Fall 2018 is the perfect balance of density and wearability. The 500 GSM 100% cotton is our heaviest fleece to date, however, through garment-dying and brushed reverse side we were able to soften the fabric so its weight isn't overbearing. It's sturdy with a lot of give, which we are incredibly proud of.

Our custom-milled flannel features a weight that lives between shirt and jacket. At 430 GSM with a wool-blend, this flannel can act as a perfect middle layer or a suitable outer layer in the fall season.

To create a unique hybrid sweater silhouette, we combined various executions of cotton. We combined our cotton fleece with a special knit cotton that features a looser gauge and is offered in cableknit renditions. Its weight allows it be more versatile than typical knits, allowing it to become a layering piece.

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