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The Nike x Kith Shop

The Nike x Kith Shop was designed in partnership with experimental art and architecture cooperative Snarkitecture. Standing at 2,400 square feet, the space features a reduced palette created through a curated selection of materials that creates a cohesive theme with Kith’s three other flagship stores.

Nike’s rich history is prominent in the design language of the space, as a myriad of casted Nike shoeboxes can be seen being used as building blocks – a motif that symbolizes foundation. Vintage Nike advertisements also adorn the walls, while rare Nike artifacts and memorabilia are displayed within glass casings known as The Vault. Another inconspicuous nod to Nike is that customer seating is shaped like the outsole of the iconic Air Force 1.

The Nike x Kith Shop also houses the first Manhattan location for Kith Treats. The Kith Treats cereal bar is backed by a standing display of LED screens that flip through original artwork inspired by vintage cereal boxes. Customers are welcome to relax and sit while eating their cereal or ice cream at the long cafeteria-style table.

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