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Kith and Nike Basketball to Re-Release the Kobe "Fade to Black" Collection

Tomorrow, Kith and Nike Basketball will rewind the clock to celebrate the iconic career of Kobe Bryant. Exclusively at Kith Brooklyn, we will be holding an in-store raffle of all 13 of the Nike Kobe Fade to Black collection. In addition, we will also be releasing a special Kith Treats x Nike Basketball cereal box with the all-new Mamba special (stay tuned to @kithtreats). Any customer who purchases one of the 13 Fade to Black models will receive a free Mamba cereal special from Kith Treats and Nike. 

We have just sent out a newsletter to our tri-state subscribers to enter the in-store raffle If you are subscribed and do not receive newsletter within 2 hours, please email Winners will be notified of their spot in line for tomorrow morning at Kith Brooklyn. We ask that all winners please arrive at 10AM EST, as we will be opening one hour early. If winners are not present when their number is called, we will proceed to the next.

Kith and Nike Basketball to Re-Release the Kobe
Kith and Nike Basketball to Re-Release the Kobe

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