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"I have always been obsessed with color and visuals since I was a kid. After building Kith for 9 years, I think the palette has always been at the front of my mind for what we look and feel like as a brand. That’s why I consider myself a colorist. And that mentality is the basis of this campaign, where we identified creatives in other professions who are incredible colors in their space."
-Ronnie Fieg, Creative Director & Founder of Kith

James Little

James Little is a prolific colorist who creates his own colors with pure pigment and heated beeswax and layers each hue multiple times in parallel brands on the canvas. He is also a professor of art, and is currently working on the frontage design of the Jamaica train station platform in Queens, NY.

Corinne Bryson

Corinne Bryson's signature as a florist is the unorthodox combination of flowers and plants to create unique arrangements. She creates her works from inside her shop in Beacon, NY. Her penchant for creating emotion through color is what makes her a Colorist.

Will Mercado

Will Mercado has been in the marble industry for 15 years. He sources different stones from all over the world to discover exotic colors and introduce them into people's lives.

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