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Founded in 1947 in the heart of the French Alps, in the city of Annecy by François Salomon. Originally, the brand's DNA revolved around producing skis edges in a small workshop, family-owned and operated by François, his wife, and son. His son, Georges took the brand to the next level by masterminding the original basic design for ski bindings. Salomon was at the top of the industry by 1979, making a turn from bindings to footwear creating the SX91 in 1984 a ski boot considered the most influential of all time. The brand extended its product catalog even further and was eventually bought out by non-other than adidas in 1997. Heading into 2005, the brand was sold to Amer Sports - this was the beginning of their record-breaking journey to creating custom technology in footwear. Salomon is the leader in forward-thinking, utilitarian technical wear and footwear, gear created for all conditions with a product catalog ranging from hiking shoes and boots, trail running shoes, road running shoes, sportstyle sneakers, winter shoes, sandals & watershoes, tops, bottoms, accessories, skiing, snowboard, and many more.  

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