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Kith Spring Classics 2, 2021

Our 101 Program returns for the Spring 2 Classics line. Offered twice annually, Kith 101 is the starting point from which we create our product. Items including the SS and LS tees as well as Vintage Crewnecks and Jordan Shorts which are rendered in their most simplistic form, to showcase the inherent quality of the complex garments.

New for Spring 2 Classics are the Tilden LS Polo which is offered in a cabled sweater knit with our Kith Serif embroidery at the front, and the Pique Essex Henley Pullover which showcases a double bonded pique fabric and reintroduces our Gothic K logo. A Heavy Waffle-based assortment (including the Williams III Hoodie, Jordan Short, and Classon Beanies) is treated with garment dye and wash and features our Kith script logo.


This collection is now sold out. 

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