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Kith Women x Ugg Winter 2018 Footwear

The footwear is comprised of three silhouettes - the Sherpa Mid Boot, the Combat Boot, and the Buckle Boot. The Sherpa Mid, UGG's most recognizable design, is reimagined to showcase what makes this style so coveted, its sheepskin, on the outside of the boot. This style is offered in Chestnut and Navy. The Combat Boot is a completely new design by Kith, and applies a luxury approach to a staple combat silhouette, also while highlighting the sheepskin on the outside of the upper. The Buckle Boot is a modification of the classic Sherpa High, giving the option to wear it buckled high or unbuckling it and folding it into a mid-boot. 

Kith Women x UGG Winter 2018 releases this Saturday at all Kith shops and at 11AM EST on

Photography: Tyler Mansour

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