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Kidset x Rugrats Lookbook

An ongoing theme with Kith’s collections this year has been drawing on early 1990s nostalgia, and such is the case with the New York lifestyle brand’s latest collaboration. Kith partners with the classic Nickelodeon cartoon Rugrats to release an assortment of original co-branded adult and kids apparel and accessories. Originally debuted in 1991, Rugrats followed the lives of a group of precocious and adventurous toddlers, most notably Tommy Pickles, Chuckie Finster, Phil and Lil DeVille, and the older Angelica Pickles. The Rugrats quickly went onto become a global phenomenon, as people of all ages resonated with the iconic show. 

For adults there is a hoodie, a crewneck, a tee, and a hat, all of which are offered in three different colors and feature original graphics. For kids there is a hoodie, a crewneck, two tees, and a beanie, all of which are also offered in three different colorways. 

The Kith x Rugrats Collection releases Friday, November 18, at all Kith shops and at 11AM EST.

Photography: Nolan Persons

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