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UberRush Kithstrike: Ronnie Fieg x Diadora RF7000

KITH is proud to announce our new partnership with Uber, where we will launch a special UberRush delivery service. To unveil this service for the first time, we are introducing an UberRush-edition #Kithstrike of the Ronnie Fieg x Diadora RF7000 - Primo.

Only customers based in Manhattan, NY are eligible for this rare opportunity (no other boroughs in New York). A mere 24 pairs of this limited collaboration are now available online and through our mobile app only (not in-store). Customers who succeed in purchasing will be required to use our new UberRush delivery service so that they can receive their pair today, more than a week from the full release. UberRush will take a maximum of 2 hours for delivery. 

For this product, we are allowing customers to ship to their non-billing address so that they can be sure to receive their pair wherever they are. 

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