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"Home Field Advantage" to Release in Colette

This spring marks the first time KITH apparel will be distributed through other stockists. We have partnered with four of the top-tiered brands around the world, including the Parisian street fashion pioneer - Colette.

Colette not only represents Paris, a major fashion capital, but also an industry standard. Founded in 1997, Colette has established itself as the mecca of street and fashion culture alike in France, and has since garnered a cult following of concept stores. Sarah Andelman and her mother, Colette Roussaux, implemented a new retail methodology at the time, by updating product lines weekly, while curating some the most up-and-coming brands with mainstays. Colette has been credited by Stefano Pilati for putting an entire area of Paris on the fashion map. A prime example would be last year, when Apple debuted the Apple Watch publicly for the first time in Colette. This store is elite, and is globally recognized.

These reasons and more are why KITH is honored to join Colette to release our Spring 2015 collection. To coincide with the release on April 18, Colette will also host a meet-and-greet event with KITH founder, Ronnie Fieg. The release, and event, will occur at Colette's flagship location at 213 Rue Saint-Honoré, 75001, Paris.

KITH Home Field Advantage will release this Friday, April 17, at both KITH locations and online at Colette, Slam Jam, Nano Universe Shibuya, and United Arrows & Sons will release the collection, in-store, the following day on April 18.

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