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KITH Presents the Sakura Project

KITH’s mission to further its presence through worldwide retail installations began in 2013. Since then, we have delivered once in a lifetime experiences in Miami, Paris, Sao Paolo, and Los Angeles. Our latest endeavor takes us to the Far East, as KITH unveils its latest global installation in Tokyo, Japan.

Coinciding with two momentous occasions – Tokyo Fashion Week and the Sakura Blossom Festival – this installation exhibits a two-fold aesthetic. All original product infused with Japanese sensibilities will be launched in tandem with collaborative efforts from the likes of Puma and John Elliott + Co. 

This experiential retail space was designed in partnership with architecture firm Bang3, who elaborates on the execution as such:

This installation celebrates the ephemeral nature of sakura in an inhabitable-arced structure.  The KITH experience will be vivid and beautiful […] As you approach, the wall surface provides an ever-changing, flickering visual; with every angle one gets a new perspective on the surrounding space. This effect provides each user with a distinct dreamlike memory to take with them.

Sakura often symbolizes clouds and a dream-state.  Using the colors of the collection we created a textured wall, layered with gradations, reflectivity and a dreamy pattern to produce this cloud like quality.  On the interior you have a clean serene white space that focuses on the collections. 

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