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One of KITH’s unmistakable fortes is the ability to pinpoint high-end quality and craftsmanship. Seeing itself as a purveyor of brands in need of a proper reintroduction, KITH remains steadfast in its mission to deliver unique distinctive product to the marketplace. Abiding by this philosophy, KITH is proud to announce that it will pioneer the relaunch of iconic clothing brand - Coogi.

Although originally founded in 1969 in Melbourne, Australia, this knitwear label relocated to New York City where it made an immense stateside impact. Throughout the early 1990’s, Coogi became synonymous with luxury, as their kaleidoscopic-patterned sweaters and outerwear fetched hefty prices. As the New York hip-hop scene thrived, so did Coogi, appearing as a status symbol throughout the culture.

Amidst Coogi’s absence, its influences still rang loud, as numerous contemporary fashion brands utilized similar patterns and compositions in homage. This drought has resulted in the resurgence of this emblematic aesthetic, as Coogi seizes the opportunity to stake its claim at the forefront of this style once more.

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