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KITH has erupted in the past three years. Tireless effort to expand a diverse range of unique footwear and original apparel has been met with an outstanding response from a wide audience of loyal supporters. However, we are far from satisfied, as our ambition surges each day to deliver an unparalleled customer experience. At last, KITH is proud to announce the expansion of our Manhattan location, the culmination of an unwavering vision and relentless work ethic. KITH has partnered with art and architecture firm Snarkitecture to create a retail environment unlike any other. The innovative new space is described below by Snarkitecture’s co-founder Alex Mustonen:

Snarkitecture's vision for the expansion of KITH's New York flagship location focuses on creating a new retail experience through a series of unexpected moments that celebrate KITH's product. A new entry from Bleecker St. creates an antechamber that links the newly expanded apparel store with the existing footwear store. The entry is a long corridor that prominently features KITH’s curated selection of accessories displayed on bright white Corian trays in a theatrically lit environment. Overhead, a custom Snarkitecture installation creates the first main focal point of the store: an elliptical dome made from nearly 500 all-white cast replicas of the original 1985 Jordan 1.

A doorway leads visitors into the main space of the store, where a colonnade of vitrines containing full-height mannequins highlights the newest [...] apparel collections. On axis with the colonnade is a display which at first appears opaque, but upon approach turns completely clear using smart glass technology to reveal the latest KITH release. A set of risers near the storefront windows features KITH Seasonal merchandise and mannequins while also providing a place for customers to sit and take in the environment of the store. The opposite side of the store is home to a massive full height shelving system that displays the KITH Classics collection in staggering quantity.

This main area of the store is tied together by another custom [...] installation: a double height wall with nearly 15,000 custom KITH branded pencils inserted into it creating a subtly undulating form. The wall is interactive as well - customers are encouraged to take a pencil from the wall as a souvenir of their visit. These types of moments are part of Snarkitecture's continual search for ways to create new types of experiences and reinvent the way people engage with their surroundings. -- Alex Mustonen (co-founder of Snarkitecture)

Aside from offering a wide assortment of new original product, KITH will now offer a selection of personally chosen clothing brands in-store, including: Norse Projects, Off-White, Stampd, Ones Stroke, Aime Leon Dore, and Isaora.

The combination of an incomparable retail space and unmatched product selection will usher KITH into its next saga. We would like to extend our appreciation to our supporters, as we hope to deliver an experience unlike anything else. It has been, and will continue to be, just us.

Videography: Da Drone Boyz

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